Specifically identifying your own nutrient deficiencies allows for a more comprehensive and customized nutrition and supplement plan and can be created to address your unique needs.  Diagnosing this allows us to provide you with exactly what your body requires to thrive and also saves both time and money. 

Many symptoms can be easily corrected by introducing the correct nutrients which your body needs. A few common conditions associated with deficiency are fatigue, anxiety, depression, poor sleep, and headaches.

Improving the functionality of your body right down to a cellular level, by providing the right nutrients helps with overall hormone balance, stress levels, and immune system function.


Advanced Micronutrient Blood Test 
Medical & Wellness Team Result Review and Strategy 
NOTE: We provide a team-approach analysis of your results to create a well-rounded solution

In-Depth Results Review and Consultation 
Comprehensive consultation to review your results and present solutions that include diet, supplementation, and customized therapy recommendations based on testing results.


Suboptimal vitamin and nutrient levels are associated with many symptoms and health conditions but are typically easily corrected once identified.  At Kate Nicole: Precision Medicine, we offer a comprehensive nutritional analysis which provides a deep dive right down to the cellular level to measure and assess the functionality of crucial vitamins, minerals, amino and fatty acids, antioxidants, and metabolites.  This in depth testing gives you a more comprehensive look into your cells to see how efficiently your body uses nutrients to produce enzymes, hormones, and other substances essential for optimal health.  We also assess your immune system vitality and your antioxidant function.  Kate Nicole: Precision Medicine, will review the results and provide you with a program that addresses any deficiencies found and offers customized supplement and nutritional solutions to correct and rebalance for optimal cellular health.