Functional Genomics 



Bring your health to the 21st century. Precision Health Centre (PHC) is your health intelligence partner using advanced genomics-based information coupled with other pertinent biomarkers to empower individuals to shape their own health and shift the practice of medicine from reactive to proactive, personalized, and preventative. Biotech diagnostics and sequencing the human genome, now allows us to not only understand our genetics, but manipulate this data to prevent disease and actually optimize health. We stay up to date on the empowering discoveries being made for our patients, and through early detection, tailored treatments and, ultimately, better health outcomes we will work tirelessly to contribute to you living not just longer but better.


Our genetic makeup provides the code to our life. Genome sequencing has been on an amazing scientific journey. At Precision Health Centre (PHC) we are able to benefit from The Human Genome Project to understand how the expressed genes within your DNA code and are contributing to the bigger picture with regard to your health status. This helps us to get to the underlying causes behind many diseases (Cardiovascular, Breast Cancer, Alzheimer’s,Diabetes), and optimize your future.

At PHC we work with lead Genomicist Dr. Mansoor Mohammad and McGill to submit your DNA sample and utilize your functional genomic blueprint to determine pertinent areas in Human Health and Performance such as:

  • Executive cognitive function / Mood (related to neurotransmitter: Dopamine, Serotonin)

  • Cardiovascular health, such as Diabetes, Alzheimer’s risk and prevention

  • Hormone Pathways

  • Detoxification Pathways

  • Carbohydrate and Fat Metabolism

  • Human Performance and Sports Recovery

  • Diet, Nutrition and Exercise Recommendations