Start by taking a deep dive and finding out what you are truly made of. Our composition of wellness testing provides the necessary data needed to support your efforts in optimizing your health.

At PHC we will build a customized Lab roadmap to better health. A Lab Consult, in which with one of our providers will go over your results, build a customized protocol to fast-track results, and empowering education for your personalized data.

Upgrade and optimize your body, mind and spirit with upgraded testing and treatments: Stem Renew, Wellness IVs and Quick Boosts, and personalized lifestyle medicine plans. Our cutting edge medical evaluations offer a comprehensive overview of your health and will give you a completely customized look to move you to your best self.

Some of our tests include:

High-Sensitivity CRP (hsCRP) C: 
Reactive protein is a sensitive marker of systemic inflammation. Systemic inflammation has emerged as a powerful predictor of coronary heart disease & other cardiovascular diseases. Elevated CRP has been associated with the loss of cognitive ability and depression in seemingly healthy people.

Cardio-metabolic Panel:
Risk factors for heart and other very important metabolic risks for inflammation, as well as high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke are often caught late. Yet biomarkers are now available to identify these risks early to prevent disease progression.

This in depth panel also provides important information about the current status of your metabolism, including the health of your kidneys and liver, as well as electrolyte and acid/base balance and levels of blood glucose and blood proteins. Results are also used to monitor known conditions, such as hypertension, and to monitor the use of medications that can cause any kidney or liver-related side effects.

Do you have problems with low energy? Challenged and overwhelmed by everyday tasks? Loosing muscle and gaining weight despite daily work outs and healthy eating? There’s always a reason - often this is related to impaired absorption and nutritional depletion. We will perform 39 tests to evaluate vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidant function right within your cells. We will quantify how healthy you are and how to improve your body’s function.

Comprehensive Hormone Panel:

Transform your hormonal health with our deep dive into your bioavailable and active hormones, in order to help us better facilitate a customized protocol for you that includes best diet, supplements, and detoxification support. Along with our Expert Medical Provider’s guidance around Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy you will be primed to feel your best self possible, regardless of age.

Heavy Metals and Toxins:

What if invisible toxins could be holding you back from optimal brain performance? It’s a known fact that many of these new environmental toxins we are increasingly exposed to are NEUROTOXINS and affect our executive / cognitive function. These test will check your body’s levels for all major heavy metals and toxins, and reveals where detox might be helpful.